Maintenance and Overhauling of Power Stations

AVERLY offers its experience in maintaining , repairing and overhauling working or abandoned power stations:  

  • Repairing, reproducing or modernizing runners
  • Substituting grease-lubricated bearings by teflon-based bearings
  • Modernizing power transmisions
  • Repairing or substituiting anti-friction bearings
  • Manufacturing special parts
  • Automating power stations

Overhauling of Mini Power Stations

Francis turbine built for Electricidad de Sabadell, recovered and overhauled by Averly, S.A.

Reparing a Francis Runner

The runner before (top) and after (bottom) overhauling.

Redesign of Outdated Runners

An old runner is substituted by an equivalent up-to-date high efficiency runner.